Sea2it Volunteering Portrush

Sea2it Volunteering Portrush

Out volunteering with sea2it over the weekend. Shame this litter is getting worse.

Sea2it Volunteers gave up their weekend to clear over 650kg of marine litter from the hard to reach coves and caves of our rugged North Coast.

26 volunteers teamed up with The Boat Company to target the inaccessible from landward section from Whiterock’s at Portrush to Portballintrae, utilizing the Causeway Lass fishing boat and fast RIB tenders.

The 668kg of litter was made up of 80% single use plastics, Car tyres, Traffic cones, a fridge, fishing floats and we even recovered a crashed drone.

Disappointingly the general level of litter this year has massively increased from last year with an extremely worrying year on year trend of huge quantities of litter below the new Magheracross Viewpoint- clearly what is being consumed, then left in the carpark above is ending up in the coves on the coastline below.

Our volunteer’s message is clear – enjoy the coast, but please take your litter home.